Why people don’t believe what scientist say?

Or doctors…. or basically any kind of professional.

In my opinions and experiences:

1. They have a very little understanding how the world works.

I put that as a main reason, because if they had a little bit of understanding, they wouldn’t believe what those crazy stupid witchdoctor people say. Starting with all the “I make a Facebook page with Dr. in front of my name” and Gwyneth Paltrow. I personally named the latter, because that woman is crazy. Mainly, I think she is just crazy scared that she is growing old.

I say little understanding, because I saw print screen of a couple of science-denial conversation and the reasoning is faulty on the basics. The reasoning of those people are built on their limited knowledge and understanding.

And I won’t put the blame on education (I could, because education is many Western countries is shockingly bad (starting with the US and UK). But you cannot put everything on the education, especially nowadays, when you can not only read books or online articles, but also talk to experts.

And now we reached reason No.2

2. Everyone can call themselves an expert.

And because of that, the everyday layman gets confused. Who I should believe in? Adding up their limited knowledge plus the fuck that due to that limited knowledge they cannot decide what to believe and who to believe, we equal to disaster.

3. Fearmongering.

It doesn’t matter what you switch on – TV, radio, internet – what you hear and see is that you should afraid of everything. And everyone. Because everyone and everything wants to kill you (c’mon, outside Australia, this is not exactly like that).

People are afraid. And they turn to people who gives them consort. Understanding whatever they say and agree with them. Gives them the feeling that their word is not alone, they are not alone. These people live off on people who are afraid and not understanding anything.

Because yes, I am sure it can be scary if you don’t understand anything around you. But who to blame? This is where the uncomfortable part comes in: YOURSELF.

Most of the people who are denying science are the people who got access to education and information, but CHOOSE to live without it. And that is why I put the blame on these people. They choose to be ignorant, when they have all the ability not to be.

I did not mean to become that aggressive, but when people kill their children because they think they have more knowledge about everything, you don’t really have a choice.


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