Is organic food (and stuff) good?

And if it is, is it good for who?

Well, now science knows, that organic is not especially good for the environment. Those farms and production areas what really cares about the environment and environmental impact, labels their production as “eco-friendly”. But studies shows that organic food is not really good or at least any better than non-organic.

I know there is a fashion trend for eating organic and listening to people who can’t really grasp the idea of how science works. I am the most sorry to say that, but working with people really showed me that people has lesser knowledge about the the surrounding world works than a worm in the ground. Like seriously.

Once I had a lady, who told me, she prefer to drink from the Thames than a plastic bottled spring water, because it is cleaner and healthier than drinking from a plastic bottle. Well, yes, always check the expiry date on the plastic bottles, but seriously. I doubt that drinking from a river which was used as a corpse-dumpsite for centuries is healthier than a bottled spring water.

Before we go deeper, I’d just stop here. And start from the beginning.

Why would someone come up with the idea of organic farming is healthier.

The answer is simple, and if it would be true, I would be whole heatedly with it. The original idea behind organic farming is that producing food which was grown naturally without using any harmful chemicals. And as you see, the idea is good behind it.

The problem is, that:
1. Most of them times, organic farmers use artificial pesticides, just denying it. (I had classes with an officer whose job was to test organic farmer’s crops, he could tell us stories…)
2. Many times, natural pesticides are much more harmful to us and to the environment, than artificial ones.

Why is that?

Just try using common sense for this. When humans make something, they make it FOR something. Therefore they are carefully planning and designing it to its purpose. But when you find something naturally occurring, nature did not create it for you purpose. It is created for some reason which maybe completely different from yours, but you can still use it, because it works. But that does not mean, that it won’t do anything else.

Just think of something basic, like coffee. All part of the coffee plant contains caffeine in different quantities, and we use only (mostly) the beans for mostly drinking purposes. Because how caffeine affects our brain. Or maybe the taste, but sure, many people drinks coffee for the caffeine effect.

But the plant did not create caffeine for us.

That is the point where many people makes mistakes. This is where religion comes in instead of science. (For the fact, I am not against religion, just don’t mix it with science.)
We need to understand that not being self-centered is the key to understand how the world works. The plants don’t have vitamins different ingredients, molecules and chemicals for us. They are producing it for themselves. That is another thing that these chemicals are sometimes useful for us (and sometimes poisonous). For example, the coffee plant does not have caffeine for us, but for to protect itself from insects biting and attacking it, as that amount of caffeine is lethal for the insects.

3. Since you can sell organic food for a higher price, many of the organic producers don’t give a damn about environmental impact, climate change or the state of the underwater system, soil management, etc.

The sad truth is, that organic, non-pesticide user farming is a good idea. But there are way to many humans on Earth to make that environmentally friendly.

And yes, pesticide use is an issue, a big issue, especially when farmers use it like crazy.

But! We need to prioritize. And at the moment, we reached the point when climate change has a higher priority. Because there is a very small chance that you will die from non-organic food. But there is a high chance that we are all going to die due to climate change.

Don’t forget. For Earth, human are not priority. The ecosystem will change, the planet will live, evolution is going to happen again and again, nature will adapt. The planet won’t die with humans, if we completely ruin the living conditions. But humans will.

Let’s not leave shocked or sad. Do something. Don’t wait for the change, BE THE CHANGE.0017-logo-366x366


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