I thought an introduction should be the first post. And a little bit of explanation.

The name of this page is Historia Naturalis. The meaning of this is “the history of nature”. You will mostly find it written the other way around, but I chose to write it like that for this site. The title and the name sort of refers to Pliny the Elder’s work (Roman author). His book was the first ever written containing every human knowledge about the world around us. Nowadays when we hear “natural history” what comes into our minds are dinosaurs, plants and animals. But back in the time, it means everything we know about the world we living in – including astronomy as well and arts.

I was thinking about a name for a while and I believe that is the most suitable for a site I am planning to create.

I was always fascinated by the past and the future and I do believe we have to know and respect our past to create an amazing future.

What I did notice, following sites, blogs that people are going to extremes. Targeting one specific audience and often making fun of those who are representing the complete opposite. Sometimes I do understand why, but we must consider why the other person thinks like a certain way. Were they raised differently? In different environment? Are they lack of knowledge? And why is that?

Nowadays, with the internet, everyone learn information fast. But unfortunately, not only the good information spreads fast, but also the misinformation as well. And people who lacks certain background knowledge are really easy to manipulate.

On this site, I will create articles about different topics, trying to explain. Trying to understand. Why we believe certain things? Why are we tend to believe those?

And also, how can we link history and today’s knowledge and the new technologies. Should we believe what our ancestors did? Shouldn’t we? Were they mistaken? Why? How?

Since my fields of study is biology, and mostly botany, biochemistry and plant genetics, the topics will mostly cover these areas.


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