Chinese balloon flower

(There will be shorter-longer gaps between the articles as I am working two jobs, my apologies. ... Actually 3, but with 2 companies, so...) Anyhow, this is actually one of my favourite flower. And we can just follow the pattern with the flowers, what only can produce blue-pink-white flowers. I just love that colour combination.... Continue Reading →


Lily of the valley

The Lily of the valley is actually one of my favourite flower. It sometimes written as Lily-of-the-valley. It also has a number of alternative common names, like¬†Mayflower, Little Maybells, Jacob's Ladder, Fairy Cups, in my language, we call them Pearl flower (literal translation). The scientific name is Convallaria majalis, it belongs to the Asparagaceae family,... Continue Reading →


Well, what I originally wanted with this blog/page, is to tell you about plants. Because I love them. I studied them. I worked with them. And I currently work with them. Sort of. So let's start with these lovely bubbles, Forget-me-nots. Yes, plural. There is more, than just one forget me not. In an earlier... Continue Reading →

Misused words

During my university time, when I was taking classes about climate change, on of the first thing our lecturer said, that it was basically the worst thing for the expression "global warming" to spread to the public. Why is that? Is it not real? It is real. Like it or not, it is real, it... Continue Reading →

Why people don’t believe what scientist say?

Or doctors.... or basically any kind of professional. In my opinions and experiences: 1. They have a very little understanding how the world works. I put that as a main reason, because if they had a little bit of understanding, they wouldn't believe what those crazy stupid witchdoctor people say. Starting with all the "I... Continue Reading →

About “organic” in general

Why I think "organic" was the worst idea ever to name products of "not using artificial chemicals in the growing of plants and animals for food and other products" (Cambridge dictionary). Oh don't worry, there will be more, like paleo as well, but let's start with this one. First of all, because you took a... Continue Reading →

“5 minutes Google search”

This is going to be the post, when I hurt way to many people. Or offend. That is a more fashionable term. But I've read a panel somewhere that "You have the right to be offended and I have the right to offend". And you can see that on more and more platforms that just... Continue Reading →

Keep it simple

I was wondering, what should be the next post about. I have many ideas what I want from this site, but most of them is quite long and needs some research to back it up with sources. And we are still at the introductory part at this point. I am constantly trying to increase my... Continue Reading →

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